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Ruchti Stainless

A family-owned business, Ruchti Stainless has been serving our region since 1989. We specialize in custom stainless parts and equipment as well as process piping for the food, dairy, and beverage industries.


Ruchti Stainless Welding has been our first choice  for nearly twenty years. Their work is honest and high quality. I never worry when a Ruchti welder is on site. I know things will get done right. Because of their experience, they’re also valuable during a project’s design phase. There have been times when I simply sketched out a drawing on binder paper and Ruchti gets it built. That’s a huge plus! They’re a true "Quality Led" company. Not only are they great welders, their service and commitment is top notch.

- Dan Carey, Brew Master, New Glarus Brewing Company


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